About US


LLC Shatalov was founded in 1998 to satisfy the growing demand for construction materials by manufacturing corrugated metal roofing and drainage systems. Today, we produce roll forming equipment for virtually any type of roll formed product. The company maintains an innovation-centric culture and is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, delivering, and supporting the most advanced roll forming technology best suited for your particular needs. LLC Shatalov comprises three factories based in Lipetsk, which encompass more than 50 000 square meters and employ 170 staff in total.

We strive for continuous improvement in metal bending technology. Our engineering team utilize the latest design tools to develop the equipment that goes beyond current roll forming standards. We hold thirty-two patents in roll forming machinery, twenty of which were received by the founder of the company, Dr. Gennady Shatalov. In 2007 and 2008, PhD in Technological Sciences Shatalov was awarded the Order of Peter the Great and Order of Catherine the Great for his substantial contribution to the field of roll forming.

On-time delivery and a comprehensive approach to maintaining top machine performance are hallmarks of our company and its customer service. As we are aimed at long-term cooperation with our clients, we stand firmly behind our roll forming products. Our after service and sales support team is always ready to help if you require any assistance. The company’s competitive advantage lies in responding to the modern demands of the market and satisfying the fast changing needs of our customers all over Russia and abroad in order to help you stay on the leading edge. We guarantee a positive buyer experience and excellent business partner relationships which are open, honest, and respectful.


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