Catalog of productions

Transverse metal slitting line up to 1.2 mm.

Transverse metal slitting line up to 1.2 mm.

The equipment is designed for automatic cutting of roll metal into sheets and then stapling in a pack. Smooth leaf is the raw material for many related industries: from uncomplicated fittings to complex bulk parts.

metal strip directly into feed unit can be made by any of unwinders designed to roll up to 1300 mm. (More Unwinder)

As a rule, cross-cutting line because of the small number of jobs set control system without a programmable controller. It consists of an incremental encoder and counters SI-30 pulses. The system enables smooth speed control. Programming of each subsequent job following the completion of the previous (more management system (pulse counters).

  • The thickness of the rolled metal, mm. — 0,3-1,2
  • The error produced by the sheet length — no more than ± 1-2mm.