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Slitting Line metal tape

Slitting Line metal tape

The line is designed for slitting coil metal width up to 500 mm. on strips of predetermined width, followed by winding into rolls. The starting raw material for cutting lines can serve as electrical steel according to GOST 21427.1-83 and GOST 21427.2-83 or cold-rolled sheet with a basis in accordance with GOST 16523-97; GOST 9045-93.

A narrow steel strip in the largest volumes used for the booking type VBbShv cables AVBbShv, PvBbShv, PvBbShng and PVBBShv. The design of all of the above cables present a protective cover BbShv — armor from two steel galvanized tapes applied so that the top tape covers the gaps between the turns of the lower band. The latter varies in width and thickness, depending on the cable size. Thus, a set of necessary equipment for cutting will be of interest to enterprises producing cable products, such as power and oil cable.

In addition, narrow steel strip is used for the packaging timber, lumber (and wood products) in the transport packets for transport by rail and road; for the manufacture of wooden box packaging; for the manufacture of security barrier «EGOZA» (galvanized strip); bending, stamping parts for pipes cored wire dr.metallicheskih bearing parts and products.

A narrow strip (strips) of electrical steel used in the manufacture of power transformers.

  • Metal thickness, mm. — 0,25-0,8

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Our position over many years: to cut metal thickness 0.2-0.3 mm.i thicker, it is necessary for the classic scheme rigidly fix each blade with rubber ring through the spacer sleeve, followed by fixing the whole package on both sides with the help of nut nut. This method provides an accurate positioning of the knife, the accuracy of the cut width and ensures long life of the cutting edge of the knife. Switching to a different width of cut with the fastening means takes less than one hour.