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Roof Panel Line Н75

Roof Panel Line Н75  GOST 24045-94.

The profiled decking (corrugated roofing sheets, trapezoidal sheet or gofrolist) are corrugated sheet profiles across the width of recurring corrugations of different shapes. They are available on our specialized roll forming lines (mills) by cold bending of thin cold-rolled sheet with anticorrosive coating.

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Above is a drawing of the profile with a wave height of 75 mm., Made the size of GOST 24045-94. One embodiment of the profile is used as a carrier deck, the other extreme with shelves in the upper plane as a roofing deck. The latter has now won more common than the first. This is due primarily to the fact that as the carrier profile flooring replaced with stan reached 75 mm height profiles of 114 mm. and beyond.


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