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Roof Panel Line С44

The last 3-4 years began appearing different types of corrugated sheet with a wave height of 44 mm in the construction market. This is due primarily to the fact that in SNIP II-26-76, was put into effect in 2010, in «The roof of corrugated sheet metal» as roofing sheets, it was recommended to use profiles with a height of corrugation of at least 44 mm.

In GOST 24045-94 is represented by only one version of the profile with the Venue 44 mm of workpiece 1250 mm. The standard was put into effect in 2012, sets out only to the requirements of the profile geometry, which gives enough freedom to the manufacturer to offer its own version of the profile.

The proposed higher profiles for different work / overall width and load carrier. The most successful, in our opinion, is a profile with a width of the upper / lower shelves — 76/114 mm. respectively. Looking forward to the new, proposed by you options.

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