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Line for the production of profiled sheet С8


Line for the production of profiled sheet С8

The line is designed for manufacturing universal in scope profiled sheet with a wave height of 8 mm.

  • Productivity — up to 40 m/min
  • Manufacturing wastes and without defects.
  • The equipment is configured for different properties of metal.
  • Metal thickness 0,3-0,8 mm.
  • Commissioning works in c
  • The accuracy of the profiles over the length of +/- 1 mm.

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This option is mostly profiled sheet is used as a wall or facade: for walling, cladding various surfaces, as a structural element of prefabricated buildings and structures, piecemeal sborki.Vstrechaetsya use trapezoidal sheet C8 composed of sandwich panels as roofing.

In most cases, steel sheet with 8 mm wave height is used as walling and cladding for different surfaces. Therefore, the main quality characteristic is its overall profile and working width.

Variants of wall trapezoidal sheet execution C8 – drawing up a overall width of 1148 mm and 1150. When used as a trapezoidal sheet roofing, it has a value area of ​​the castle outer profile of the shelves. In this respect, more practical profiles with a working width of 1160 mm and 1165.

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