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Line for the production of profiled sheet C21 (GOST 24045-94)

Line for the production of profiled sheet C21 (GOST 24045-94)

    • Capacity up to 45 linear meters per minute without increasing equipment cost.
    • C21 trapezoidal sheet production without waste and defects.
    • Forming rollers do not leave marks on the paintwork.
    • Line is configured for different properties of metal.
    • Thickness for the C21 from 0.3 to 0.9 mm.
    • The geometrical profile parameters according to GOST 24045-94
    • Commissioning works in the cost of equipment.
    • The warranty on all components — 3 years.

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The geometrical dimensions of the profiled plate with a wave height of 21 mm. are shown in detail in GOST 24045-94. To date, the return of the Standard from January 1, 2012 enacted GOST 24045-2010. But, despite this, the choice of equipment for trapezoidal sheet C21, the customer accesses the geometric accuracy requirements profile set out in ISO 1994 edition.

According to GOST 24045-94 height profile, taking into account the thickness of the metal (. 0.6-0.7 mm), adopted on 21 ± 1,5 mm, the width of the corrugations of the lower shelves, taking into account radius-site -.. 35 mm, the profile pitch (the distance between the centers the corrugations of adjacent shelves) – 100 mm, overall width of the profile -. 1000 mm. It may be added that the extreme shelf profile of the corrugations are at the bottom of the plane. Overlay sheeting going down, thus not provide adequate sealing. This profile is recognizable in every region got its spread as roofing for private buildings. As a roofing sheet, this profile is used when a horizontal shelf with diagonal ribbed outer portions are in the upper plane, and provide adequate protection from rain.

Despite the small overall width C21 steel sheet used for the construction of fences and fencing of construction sites.

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