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Line for the production of profiled sheet C10

Line for the production of profiled sheet C10

It produces universal in scope profiled sheet with 10 mm wave height.

      • Productivity up to 40 m/min
      • Production — without waste and defects.
      • The equipment is configured — under the different properties of the metal.
      • Material thickness — 0,3-0,8 mm.
      • The accuracy of the profiles over the length of +/- 1 mm.
      • Operating temperature up to minus 10 ° C
      • Commissioning works iт cost.
      • The warranty on all components of 3 years

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C10 steel sheet is presented in a large number of variants of the market. In many parts of the country with the profile sheet 10 mm in wave height is used equally as wall and roof. Profile whose purpose more as a wall, has less load bearing, large nakryvnuyu area and will often have horizontal sections at the edges to overlap without the imposition of the corrugation. Examples of such profiles can serve as options with higher overall width from 1170 to 1185 mm.

Profile used as a roofing coating, will have an angle of the trapezoid ranging from 50 °, providing rigidity profile as the more common variant equal- width of the corrugations 40 to 45 mm., The overall width profile, usually does not exceed 1,165 mm.

Division Profile options on the wall and roof options, is somewhat arbitrary. Any one of the profiles above request by the end user may be used as a universal. In the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Samara and Orenburg regions profile C10 has a wide variety of application options.

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