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Line for the production of profiled sheet C9

Line for the production of profiled sheet C9

It produces universal in scope profiled sheet with a wave height of 9 mm.

    • Productivity up to 40 m/min
    • Manufacturing wastes and without defects.
    • The equipment is configured for different properties of metal.
    • Metal thickness 0,3-0,8 mm.
    • The accuracy of the profiles over the length of +/- 1 mm.
    • Operating temperature up to minus 10 ° C
    • Commissioning works in cost.
    • The warranty on all components of 3 years

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This variant profile (see drawings above) in most cases with the unevenness in the presented width of the shelves when the upper and lower corrugations are significantly different in width. With this steel sheet C9 can be used as wall and roof for a roof pitch angle of at least 30 degrees. The geometry of some profile options allow you to add transverse rigidity step, thereby obtaining a new product – metal roofing (see photo at the bottom of the page.). Profile shelves with different widths on both sides look different.

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