Catalog of productions

Lines for the production profile fixing plasterboard Knauf

The equipment is designed for the production of metal profiles, used as a frame for mounting gypsum board, gypsum fiber board, plasterboard and other sheet material. Profiles PP and PNP are the most common in the field of interior decoration. Metal products PP 60h27 is equally convenient to use in tandem with the guide profile drywall or separately.

We offer two versions of rolling lines of machines for the production of profiles for plasterboard: with a capacity of up to 30 linear meters and with about 80 meters of the profile exit speed. In both cases, the cut is carried out without stopping the motion profile. For this reason, the linear speed of the rolling mill is equal to the line.

The equipment allows to produce high-quality products from TNG workpiece width 65-81 mm .; PP product 60h27 — from the blank 114,116,118 and 121 mm.

Cheap profiles for mounting drywall

Additionally, the subject may be mentioned that in the construction industry, there are so-called economy-profiles for fixing plasterboard to the original billet 81 mm wide.

  • Productivity — 30/80 m/min
  • The thickness of the original metal band — 0,3-0,8 mm.
  • Power of the main drive — 4.0 / 5.5 kW.
  • The method of fastening clips — resistant screws / nuts with spacers.
  • Rotary punch for punching holes in the bottom of the guide profile.
  • Rollers for rolling corrugation over the entire bandwidth.
  • Node application marking on the basis of the profile.
  • Track length — inductive sensors from SICK / programmable control system with encoder.