Catalog of productions

Line for the production of GPS and GPN Profile

The principle of operation is the cold gradual profiling of the metal strip supplied to the mill stand through the gaps between the profiled rollers mounted on the upper and lower shafts of the stands.
Stan assembly consists of a frame on which the filling stand, guides, device for lubrication in the correct bands three roller mill, 14 forming stands, Platen roller, the drive and the cutting apparatus. Remote Control.

  • Сantilevered uncoiler — a nip roller
  • The correct three-roll unit — NDE
  • Rolling mill for GPS profile — 10-12 forming stands, 6 sets of spacer sleeves
  • Cutter cutting device — electromechanical drive.
  • Control system — operator panel, 10 programmable jobs
  • Reception table roller conveyor — 6 meters