Catalog of productions

Line for the tire assembly S20 and S30

The production line is designed for the production of profile mounting rail — element of the flange connection of rectangular ducts, including shaped transitions. Profile mount ventilation provides reliable fixing of ventilation ducts and simplifies the assembly process.

Our company is ready to manufacture to customer drawing equipment.

Completeness of roll forming lines:

  • 1. Uncoiler for feeding the strip in the rolling mill.
  • 2. The rolling mill stands with the profiling.
  • 3. Cutting device (cutter).
  • 4. Receiving table (optional).
  • 5. Automated Control System (ACS) based on Siemens controllers.
  • Rolling speed — 0.3 m / s.
  • Productivity ‒ 12 mm.
  • Mixed method of securing a shaping tool.
  • All rolling rollers are heat-treated.
  • Profile adjusts for different types of mounting brackets.
  • Cutting device — disc cutter with vertical feed.
  • The control system with incremental encoder SICK DRS60.

Drawing and photos