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Metal Tile Line «Adamante»

Metal Tile Line «Adamante»

The line produces one type of product — such as «Adamante» metal tile profile. The default profile is used as a roof covering different types of buildings: private, municipal and administrative to the destination.

  • Completeness — characteristic line customization.
  • Production no defects on the metal surface.
  • The equipment is configured — under the different properties of the metal.
  • Material thickness — a profile of metal from 0.45 to 0.65 mm.
  • Minimum size 525 mm.
  • The accuracy of the profiles over the length of +/- 1 mm

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Profile Geometry is a 5 repeating sections with symmetrical radiused ridges. Combs joins the straight stretch, which makes them more clear and expressive. At a height of 30 mm. has sufficient working width.

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