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Metal Tile Lines «Cascade» — type

Metal Tile Lines «Cascade» — type

The equipment is intended for the manufacture of a metal tile «Cascade» and profile sheets C25. Tiles «Cascade» is an exclusive pattern of metal. The equipment allows to produce three types of products.

  • The equipment is made — on the technical requirements of the customer by the appointed date.
  • Line releases — metal roofing “Cascade” and two versions of the profiled sheet C25.
  • Productivity — 5-7 m/min
  • Production — no waste and defects on the metal surface.
  • Equipment — adjusted to the different properties of metal.
  • Material thickness 0,35 – 0,7 mm.
  • Minimum size — 450 mm

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Metal tiles like “Cascade” is basically a shaped sheet with trapezoidal corrugations repeated. As a result, cross-stamping a predetermined pitch profile receives a cascade of steps and visually begins to resemble with tile roofs. Embossed metal loop goes well with brick masonry structure.

Geometry nakryvnoy corrugated profile eliminates the penetration of atmospheric moisture in the area of ​​the lateral overlay sheets.
Due to the increased width and depth of grooves wide shelves, profile and began to look strikingly expressive and able to withstand the weight of a person in the field of wide ridges profile.
Profile metal great for roofing hipped roofs with a minimum percentage of waste.

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