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Metal Tile Line «Banga»

Оборудование для производства металлочерепицы типа «Banga»

The line produces the type «Banga» metal tile profile. Profile on the roof is used for different types of buildings: private, municipal and administrative to the destination. In the absence of the profile cross-step, it is possible to use it for the construction of fences and walling.

Another name for this profile — metal «Europe».

  • The warranty on all components and assemblies — three years.
  • Resource forming tool at least 10 years.
  • Commissioning works in the cost of equipment.
  • Equipment specifications according to customer requirements.
  • Production profile without defects on metal surfaces.
  • The equipment is configured for different properties of metal.
  • Thickness of metal to metal profile from 0.4 to 0.55 mm.
  • The accuracy of the profiles over the length of +/- 1 mm

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This type of metal is a novelty thanks to the originality of the profile compared with other types of metal tiles. The geometry of the profiled sheet: symmetrical ridges given radius alternate with horizontal support areas.

In the above figures, Worker / overall section width depends on the height of the ridge profile and the calculated radius.

Nakryvnaya shelf profile in the above embodiments has a horizontal mounting portion, providing a tight locking when applying sheets. Due to large bearing surface, has sufficient bearing capacity.