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Ornament Machine

Ornament Machine

This device allows you to get on the surface of metal profiles necessary artistic ornament.

Operating device node may be used as part of the profiling line replaceable rollers with different patterns. The proposed application of the principle of the relief pattern can be used in the manufacture of related elements of the roof, facade profiles and other types of siding.

  • The process of drawing — rotary die. Способ нанесения рисунка – ротационный штамп.
  • It does not damage the paintwork of the sheet.
  • The machine delivers the same top of the figure and the repetitive pitch of the profile end.
  • The length of blank sheet is not limited.
  • Applying a pattern depth adjustable.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic receiver.
  • To the profile of C18 is also possible to manufacture the machine curly edges.

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