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Fence standart line

The use of metal profile as picket fences is a relative novelty in the market of building materials. Many prefer not deaf high fence, and guards allowing to come up with an original composition.

Fence sections from an individual profile, you can collect different heights, colors and configurations. Depending on the density of the lumen, they can be combined with the building’s façade, or to emphasize the design of the adjacent landscape. Profile of the fence is perfect for the construction of front gardens and various flower beds.

Manufacturing Profile metal picket, mostly it will not be major, and related or associated industries to increase the range of products. For this reason, many manufacturers have not bought automated lines and machine Boxed rolling profile, and raw materials are metal residues from primary production. In regions where the profile geometry to not impose high requirements on the fence made sheet bending equipment.

  • Productivity — 15 m/min
  • Equipment configured for different properties of the starting material.
  • The thickness of the base metal — 0.35 mm.
  • Several variants of figure cut profile end.
  • Mode of operation of equipment — up to -10 ° C.