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Siding Panel Line «L» — type

Siding Panel Line type Вагонка

Presented below produces a set of equipment for versatile installation and application process for a metal panel siding «Lining». Profile name was given by a close resemblance to the wooden cladding board. This is easy to verify, by comparing pictures of wooden bunks and metal siding. Metal siding profile consists of two horizontal shelves with locking compound on the edges butt. Unlike metal siding «L-bar», this profile is equally impressive looks for vertical and horizontal mounting method.

  • Rolling mill stands forming 16, the drive capacity of 4.0 kW.
  • Cage punching mounting slots on the bottom shelf profile.
  • Knife disk / saber type of non-waste production profile
  • Node for lamination panel siding
  • Production of cross-groove panel (imitation of a «brick»)
  • Lines allows to produce high-quality profile, sheet and roll blanks.
  • The control system with algorithms available from the operator panel.