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Siding Panel Line «Block House» type

Siding Panel Line «Block House» type

Complete automated line produces metal panel imitating a natural log. Hence the name of the second widespread metal siding «block house».

The line includes:

  • roll uncoiler cantilever
  • punching holes node at a predetermined pitch.
  • «Block House» Roll Forming mill for metal siding.
  • Crate stamping application.
  • Guillotine (Expanded scissors).
  • Automated control system with touch panel operator.
  • reception table or roller conveyor.

For the stable profile geometry on the latter shall be made of rolled billets. As part of the line is mandatory console decoiler, PK4 model and control system with operator panel.

  • The thickness of the workpiece roll Zn or Ral 0,4-0,55 мм.