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Metal Tile Lines «Monterrey»

Metal Tile Lines «Monterrey»

The equipment is intended for the manufacture of a metal tile «Monterrey». Metal profile is asymmetrical ribbed Radius, repeating at a predetermined pitch.

    • The equipment is made — on the technical requirements of the customer in time.
    • Productivity — 5-7 m/min
    • Forming rollers — do not leave marks on metal surfaces.
    • The equipment is configured — a metal different manufacturers.
    • Material thickness — for metal from 0.37 to 0.7 mm.
    • Minimum size — 450 mm
    • Commissioning works — included in price

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Profile of “Monterrey” and recognized at the hearing in any region where there is a point of sales of metal tiles. Profile Geometry is a seven asymmetrical tapered flutes. The height and overall width options available on the market about the same: 24 ± 1,5 mm / 1100 mm.

Profiles can primarily be different and execution nakryvnoy podnakryvnoy shelves. Three of the sections above have a bright pronounced groove condensate diversion. Option Profile, which we produce ourselves for over 5 years, and for which team roofers say thank you is to nakryvnoy shelf continued with access to the horizontal portion of the width of up to 20mm. This solution provides maximum fit and eliminates the penetration of atmospheric moisture in the ground side overlay sheets.

Due to the asymmetrical pattern profile, metal Monterrey differently looks from different angles. The higher the shear step profile, so it is expressive. Step stair profile (300.350 or 400 mm) in our view is selected individually depending on the length of the roof. Sheet metal with shaped butt end adds the name prefix “luxury”.

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