Catalog of productions

Scissors profile for a professional flooring

Designed for cutting a profiled sheet in a given size. Most often installed as part of a roll forming line, can also work separately.

    • Depending on the complexity of the geometry and the height of the profile, the scissors can be of the guillotine or slotted type.
    • On the guillotine shears, the upper knife is made in the shape of a dovetail, which ensures high-quality cut across the entire width of the profile.
    • The movement of the upper knife beam from the output shaft of the gearbox through the eccentric mechanism.
    • The ability to adjust the movable upper beam with a knife in the transverse, longitudinal directions.
    • Material of profile knives — 6KhV2S knife steel with heat treatment 55 … 60 HRC.
    • Knives are made of two parts for processing on a grinding machine with a magnetic plate length of 600 mm.