Catalog of productions

Line for the production of semi-circular ridge

The main purpose of the products, the profile of the ridge radius-type — is the completion of the roof joints adjacent ramps made of sheet metal tiles. The convex shape of the ridge to hide the possible disadvantages of metal profile and at the same time ensure adequate ventilation of roof space.

  • The source width of the workpiece — 416 mm.
  • Metal thickness — 0,45-0,6 mm.
  • Rolling Mill — 7 forming stands, drive 5.5 kW.
  • The line — up to 3 m/min
  • Drive a formed unit — hydraulic.
  • Stamp tool does not leave marks on metal surfaces.
  • ACS operation — -10 to +35°С.
  • The warranty on the line components — 3 years.

Drawing and photos